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Anonymous asked: You're an extremely talented artist that could represent anything. Why do you choose to depict celebrities and iconic figures? I believe your artwork could have so much more merit and can contribute much more to society then just entertainment. You even have your symbol as the golden spiral, which I find rather smug for an artist who creates "fan art". I don't intend to offend, it just greatly bothers me to see such a talented artist create advertisement and I would like to know why.


Oh boy.

"Smug" is arbitrarily thinking that one entire genre of art is less than another. 

"Smug" is anonymous back-handed compliments that insult an entire group of artists while trying to police what I choose to make.

"Smug" is thinking that you bestow merit to art and decide its value or contribution to society — or that it needs to do that to begin with.

"Smug" is believing that advertisements are something that automatically lessens art when some of the best painters and works throughout art history, from Leonardo to Caravaggio to Rockwell and Leyendecker have worked in advertising for clients (churches included).

"Smug" is looking at my portfolio of hundreds of paintings over 3 years that cover dozens of genres, styles, subject matters, clients, and sits everywhere from the internet, to billboards, album covers, magazine covers, galleries, newspapers, movie posters, bus-sides, books, homes of friends, strangers, and celebrities, and still choosing to think that I am one thing — a thing that is just as valuable to me as everything I’m paid for professionally.

"Smug" is being a smug dicklet and throwing in “I don’t intend to offend” to cushion the smug dickletishness of it all.

"Smug" is not seeing a simplistic connection between realism in painting and the golden rule that is genre-irrelevant, but again insulting an entire group of artists while commenting on something you haven’t bothered to understand. 

But most of all, “Smug” is thinking that I, or any artist, owes you anything. We can make whatever we want, however we want to. I will keep making advertisements, I will keep making album covers, I will keep making posters for games and movies, I will keep making all that I’m hired to do and choose to take on, but I will also keep making fan art because despite the merit or value that you’ve decided it has — I want to — and that’s all the reason I need.

Take your soggy waffle compliments and fuck the fuck off. Viva la fan art.

Headphones Fine Tuned and Engineered for Women |



Fuck Skullcandy, I’m done with them. I don’t need you pushing your fucking flowery bullshit on me and claiming it’s what women want. You know what I want in headphones? 

Amazing fucking sound quality, that’s what I want. Not something in pastels, flowers, pink because I’m a woman. Fuck you Skullcandy for this bullshit and the overwhelming reinforcement of the usual be a skinny white girl to be appealing slant to your advert. 

Stupid marketing gimmick is stupid.


Asked for clarification on his comments to AusGamers and got it. Make of it what you will.


Asked for clarification on his comments to AusGamers and got it. Make of it what you will.

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…. I just realised I… kinda have a thing for noses?
At least, drawing noses that is. Everything is all ???? except the nose area right now XD 

…. I just realised I… kinda have a thing for noses?

At least, drawing noses that is. Everything is all ???? except the nose area right now XD 



if you agree with the asshattery that bisexuality is not a solid sexual orientation and is unrealistic then you can just bebop on out of here because i don’t care for your kind ‘round these parts


#there are two issues here #but no matter how you feel about the varied sexualities in DAI #if you don’t see how those comments were biphobic as fuck #I don’t know what to tell you #dragon age inquisition spoilers #dai spoilers #romance discussion #companion sexuality #moving gif


Fluffy feelings have taken over me, this is the result


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ok realtalk dragon age: inquisition





i’ve been pissed - ANGRY, MAD, AWFUL RAGING WITH STEAM BILLOWING OUT MY NOSE - about the new aesthetic design brought on by the new dragon age game. im even more disappointed that tumblr (and the rest of the fandom) seems to LOVE its new look and the only complaints about the game are:

1. there’s a white guy
2. can we fuck everyone

and as someone who is just entering the industry, it’s HORRIBLE to see an influential game of this caliber regress to such a lazy state.

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That brony con horror story was fabricated.





OP literally made up a sexual assault and failed abduction story about an eleven year old girl for the sake of getting notes for anti-brony hate, and regardless of how you feel about bronies, that’s fucking disgusting.

Please stop reblogging it.

…goddammit, people, you really don’t need to make shit up.

goddammit. i’m disappointed in you.



Doesn’t change my opinion of Bronies but wow.